Exercise To Lower Musculoskeletal Pain

While very acute exercise will cause muscular pain, a new study has found that long term exercise will actually help lower muscular pain.

lower muskuloskeletal painAccording to a study carried out at the Middleton Memorial Hospital in Madison, Wis. and the University of Wisconsin, researchers examined veterans of the Gulf War to test their hypothesis.

As many as hundred thousand veterans have reported chronic musculoskeletal pain after their return.

The subjects of the study were asked to rate their levels of pain in the study, and it was found that acute exercise regimes tended to exacerbate the pain levels, but when exercise was performed consistently over longer periods, then it was seen to actually reduce this chronic pain.

The findings of this study will be significant in that they will offer clues to clinicians and others to make informed decisions about people with chronic musculoskeletal pain.

They will be better advised to prescribe the amount of exercise as well as the kind of exercise and its frequency that should be practiced to get the best results in terms of pain reduction and management.