Exercising Consistency – Key to Keeping off Pounds

The season for new year resolutions related to weight loss is not far away so this may be worth having – It may not exactly be brand new information, but a new study led by Dr. Arlene Hankinson at Northwestern University confirms what we know – that you have to be consistent in your exercise regimen if you are to prevent weight gain or rather weight regain, as Time Magazine reports.

exercise consistencyThe study saw that those who had the highest level of physical activity had the most benefit, in that they gained 6.1 less per year than those who were in the group having the least physical activity.

According to Dr Hankinson whether the person was obese, overweight or normal weight was not of importance in this study; everyone stood to gain from physical exercise regardless of their size, and stressed that it is never too late.

According to Dr. Tim Church, director of preventive medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, both components- diet as well as physical activity – are vital components of one’s weight.

What proportion of importance both of these have is something that will continue to be debated; but the fact that both are of vital importance is an irrefutable fact.