Fat But Fit – How Is It Possible?

We have known for a while now, that carrying extra weight impacts different people different ways – while some may well find themselves to be perfectly healthy even will all the extra pounds, others seem to have various ailments due to this. Many overweight people do not have weight related illnesses and are metabolically healthy while the opposite is true for others.

lose weightSo should overweight people bother to lose weight, if they are healthy otherwise? Yes say experts. This is because if they are already healthy, overweight people will become healthier than before if they do lose weight.

Look at it this way; if you do lose weight while you are healthy, you have nothing to lose but your weight! The exercise and healthy diet will only result in improving metabolic risk factors. Research has shown that metabolic health is not the only indicator of good health.

Even metabolically healthy people are more prone to joint pains and depression, when they are obese, regardless of other health indicators. Also obese people, even if they are metabolically healthy, are more at risk of developing cancer and dying of trauma than non obese people. The reason may be due to the fact that obese people are reluctant to see their doctor and bigger people are more difficult to treat for trauma.