‘Fat Days’ Affect Men As Well, Say Researchers

Most women will testify to feeling fat, unattractive and less confident of their appearance on certain days of the month, now it would seem that men suffer these ‘fat days’ too , according to a new research!

fat menA little over one third of 5 thousand men surveyed, reported to feeling unattractive, which made them less confident about initiating sex with a partner.

It is this low self esteem as regards their physical appearance that negatively impacts their confidence vis a vis the bedroom and about 25% of the men said that they would consider losing weight if this could help boost their ‘performance’.  Hence researchers reached the conclusion that it isn’t just women, but also men, who suffer ‘Fat Days’.

The problem arises because men are traditionally reluctant to obtain help in areas relating to sex. This doesn’t mean, however, that men need to suffer in silence. Men can obtain help in total anonymity now and can get real solutions to improving sexual confidence and performance.

It is important for men to get help early rather than avoid meeting with their general practitioner until the problem reaches a crisis point requiring immediate medical attention. Such conditions, when undiagnosed, can lead to serious medical conditions if left untreated.