Finding the Right Running Shoes to Match Your Style

Finding the right running shoes isn’t as simple as choosing any old trainer that fits your feet and going along your merry way. You have to think about the shape of your feet and what kind of running you want to do. After you’ve worked that out, the fun part can begin: matching a shoe to your style. Don’t simply opt for boring white; find something that suits your personality, as chances are you’ll be using your shoes for a long time.

High street retailer Debenhams sells a great range of trainers and here are a few that you can pick up that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Nike LunarGlide +3

These white trainers have a subtle pink flair for those who don’t need to make a big statement with their shoes. Designed for the average runner, the shoes offer a good support for those who look for stability in their running shoes.Running Shoes Guru rates these better than the original LunarGlide due to the extra cushioning and breathable fabric.

Nike Flex Trail

These purple trainers can be pulled off by younger runners, or those with an outgoing style to pull off wearing a bright colour. The shoes are something a bit different for Nike who usually don’t specialise in trail shoes, but they work well on rough terrain and are also great for standard pavement running. A great starter shoe for beginner trail enthusiasts, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd with these.

Adidas Modulate

If bright pink is your thing, then these could be the trainers for you. With “climacool” technology, these trainers are designed to keep your feet warm in colder weather and cool them in hotter climates. These shoes are great for casual runners too, as they can be worn year-round and have a range of padding for the average foot.

Asics Enduro 8

Another trail shoe, these grey shoes with purple accent are the perfect shoe to help you on difficult terrain. They are also perfectly designed for heel runners with a rear foot cushioning system incorporated to ensure the impact of each step distributes evenly around the foot. The subtle purple accent is great for adding a girly touch to an otherwise neutral shoe.

Reebok Realflex

These shoes are designed for the barefoot runner – that is, those who like to feel the terrain beneath their feet when they run. The black upper with a pink accent is rather striking, and the high impact sole is designed to help your feet adjust to your running terrain. The flexible mesh makes these trainers easy and breathable to wear.