Fitness – Anywhere, Anytime!

jump ropeWho says there is a time and place for everything? When it comes to fitness and health anywhere, anytime is OK, as demonstrated by the contestants vying for the Miss USA crown.

There is a lot the ladies probably need to get done as they prepare for the pageant but what they simply have to find time for is their fitness. Their tips:

  • You can do some abs in your room and perhaps use some workout bands to get in a good work out. Or it may just be some lunges that you do back and forth across the room according to Miss New Mexico.
  • There are three mandatory workout sessions for the girls which make it good fun to work out together, but that is not enough. So it has to be leg lifts and anything to keep one toned according to another contestant.
  • For Ms Massachusetts fitness isn’t just about how you look but also how you feel. Pilates, sit-ups, resistance bands etc do it for her and her roommate.
  • Jump roping is recommended by a number of the contestants.

In the end, the girls want to be able to say; “yes I eat food and can still look good in a swim suit!”