Fitness Application For iPhone

fit pulse applicationIf you have a customized workout, or want to customize your workout and have either an iPhone, iTouch or an iPad, this one’s for you – Fit Pulse, a fitness app for iPhone which has recently been launched.

The Fit Pulse application will help to keep a track of what your nutritional intake has been, your workout specifics, and a record of losses and/or gains that you have made in the process.

You also have the option of connecting to friends and other fitness buffs by way of social networking sites.  And to increase the sum of your fitness knowledge, there is built into this application, a quiz to test how much you know.

Facebook and twitter integration increases the applicability and usefulness of the product. This lets to share and compare notes, swap stories either for fun or support or to bring out the competitive steak inside of you – that will egg you on to do better.

You can simply feed in how much time you have to spend at the gym and you can be offered a list of options and workouts to pick from.

At $1.99 to buy and download the application, this might just be the best use you can make of a couple of bucks right now.