Fitness at Office

You will be busy daily with your work schedules, family works and outside responsibilities.

Maintaining a busy schedule and staying fit is a difficult job. It takes lot of effort and determination.

But you can do it easily by following a fitness program at your office as you will be spending most of the time at office.

It sounds different, but many companies are providing fitness equipment at their work place to keep their employers fit and healthy. If you are fit and healthy, the quality of work will be fitness

You just check whether office has such fitness equipment. If your office is not providing any fitness equipment, no need to worry as you has many other options.

You can just make a group of people who are interested in staying fit and healthy. You can organize a meeting how to plan for the fitness and you can take suggestions from other members also. You can take permission from your supervisor and announce about the fitness group and where the meeting to be held.

You and the members of the group can donate some amount and can buy inexpensive equipment. You can take permission from your supervisor to workout on the equipment for half an hour daily and if possible to allot a room to keep that equipment. Your group can work daily on that equipment and can encourage one another for further improving yourselves. In this way you may not feel bored and enjoy working out with your group members.

If organizing a group and fitness equipment is not possible, you alone can workout at office. You can do some stretching exercises at your desk. You can also keep weights and resistance bands for workout. You can also do some muscle building exercises like lunges and squats. You can take a brisk walk around your office for ten to fifteen minutes. Just watch how much steps you are walking daily. A pedometer will help you in counting the number of steps taken everyday. You aim for ten thousand steps daily and watch out the progress.

You can perform stretching exercises at your desk:

Sit straight with your hands clasped behind your head and pull your elbows back as far as you can hold them in position. This stretching exercise helps your shoulder and back.

Sit on your chair and raise one leg by holding the chair with your hands. Slowly move the leg outwards and back towards the center and down. This helps in toning your thighs and legs.

Sit on the edge of the chair and hold the back of the chair firmly. Arms should be straight. You should keep your back straight and let your upper body pull you forward to stretch your shoulders, upper back and chest.
Sit straight and contract midsection. Hold for twenty to thirty seconds and release. This helps your stomach fitness.

Repeat the exercises for five times and increase to ten times after you got a practice. You should hold each stretch for twenty seconds to one minute. You should loosen your facial muscles; relax your hands and neck as you stretch.