Fitness Curiosities We Are Always Wondering About

Fitness is important for the health of the body and the overall well-being of an individual.

Other factors, such as what a person does for exercise and what they eat before and after also play a role.

Where you exercise may also assist in the long run. Let’s examine these three to see what we find.

First is the kind of exercises an individual does, such as aerobics.

Aerobics are exercises that have low-intensity; meaning that there is not a great strain on the body and it does not take up a lot of oxygen.[aerobic exercise]jogging

The exercises increase the heart rate; however not to such a degree that the person is gasping for breath.

Because it is low-intensity the exercises usually last longer than anaerobic, which is high-intensity workouts for a short amount of time. The purpose is to get your heart beating at its maximum heart rate without going over.

Comparing housework and aerobics, housework is not necessarily as beneficial because most chores do not keep you in constant movement for 20 minutes.

Most chores require less time and pauses in between. Simple aerobic exercises that can be done are walking, swimming, jogging or biking.

Housework can be beneficial, but not as much as actually doing aerobics.

Indoor exercising and outdoor exercising are another. People will have to decide what they are comfortable with but both have their benefits. Indoor exercising can give you a stable routine; thereby, making it more likely that you will continue.

It is especially good during really cold winters when a person does not want to go out. Outdoor exercising, particularly during good weather, gives a change of scenery.

If a person walks, they can take different routes and enjoy the sights as they are in constant motion. There is also more air to take in out doors than in, but if exercising indoors is the only option, be sure to open a window at least a little to allow the air to circulate.

What a person eats before and after exercising is also crucial. Poor dietary choice can cause lethargy, stomach cramps and other issues.

It is important to eat food before any fitness that will give the body fuel for the workout, but will also digest quickly in the body so there is not food waiting to be digested when exercising begins.

Foods high in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein are particularly helpful because carbs digest fast and fuel the body. It also normalizes the sugar in the blood as you don’t want it too high or too low.

Foods high in carbs are sports drinks and bars as well as cereal, fruits such as bananas or oranges, juice, and bagels. Eating food with carbohydrates after a meal is best as well as it helps replenish water and glycogen for muscles that a person loses during exercise. A person should eat as soon as possible after a workout.

There are many dos and don’ts for fitness. Some things work for certain people and not for others so always see what works for each person.