Fitness Equipment Or Personal Trainer?

fitness trainerIt is an interesting question, as to whether you should invest money in fitness equipment or a personal trainer? Which one will give you the best results to achieve your fitness goals most effectively? There are several very valid points to consider:

  • Fitness equipment of any type is likely only to have limited use – a treadmill can only be used to walk or run on; a weights machine will help you work on only those parts of the body that are specified by the kind of machine you have. So no matter how ‘complete’ a piece of fitness equipment claims to be, it may not help to meet all your fitness goals.
  • A fitness trainer brings along with them their training and experience so that they are able to off the benefit of both to help you achieve your fitness goals. They may be able to tailor and personalize your program in a way that will offer the results for your particular situation.
  • Equipment is an inanimate object that one may lose interest in after a time and your fitness may reach stagnation after a while. Motivation and staying motivated may be easier with a person there to guide and encourage you.