Fitness Fanatics – Born And Not Made?

A recent study has identified the link between exercise and personality, and seems to reinforce the stereotype of the aggressive muscle bound, exercise freak.  Not only is a certain personality type more inclined towards exercise and aggression; they are also more likely to have higher sex drives, reports the study.

fitness fanaticsA joint study conducted by academics in New South Wales in Australia and California, researchers found a link between the sort of personality a person has and their ability to generate energy.

It is this that also explains certain behaviors that animals exhibit in captivity – many animals will continue to exercise, even though they don’t need to.

So if some of us are the archetypal couch potato and others are the proverbial gym rat, then perhaps we were meant to be so.

It is probably more than just a stereotypical generalization that the ‘jock’ is the socially adept, aggressive person, whereas the nerdy living a sedentary lifestyle is the shy retiring kind.

It may be a simple case of a person’s individual metabolic rate that determines their tendency to work out and their tendency towards aggression. Some people are just able to generate more energy than others, says Australian professor Peter Biro.