Fitness Habits for 20 Something Women

Young people live their life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it, as it is normal for them to do and they seldom stop to think about the future and what will be the consequences of their lifestyle. Studies conducted on 500 adults during an 18 years period revealed that those who took up healthy living in their youth were stronger and happier in their later adult years.

In other words, there is never too soon to start exercising and maintaining a healthy body, so here are a few fitness habits you should consider in your first adult years.

Fitness Habits for 20 Something Women

Make a habit of weight-lifting

Strength exercises offer a number of benefits to your overall health besides toning up your body and increasing muscle strength. Lifting weights can help you lose weight and stay in shape, it boosts your metabolism, it increases the muscular mass and it can strengthen your immune system. Weightlifting can also prevent future, age related, back pains.

Hydrate yourself

The human body is mostly made out of water and it needs it in order to survive. In spite the aggressive advertising, people don’t drink enough water. Don’t make the mistake of being one of them. Play a customized “drinking game” to help you drink water. For example, take a sip every time you change your Facebook status.

Work-out on variety

Many people tend to stick to the same exercise routine and repeat the same thing over and over again. This will cause the exercise to worn out and you will end up bored, so vary your exercises as much as possible by switching from weight-lifting to Pilates and other new and fresh challenges.

Take a break from time to time

Fitness is good for you, but sometimes the body needs some rest. Don’t be afraid to include an exercise-skipping day once a month to help your body recover. The next day you will feel the need to resume your fitness routine.

Don’t cheat

If you cheat on exercise you only cheat yourself by giving up on your health. Learn the exercise in the correct form and practice until you master it, otherwise you will never feel the satisfaction of exercising.

Refuel as needed

During physical activity you sweat and eliminate a lot of calories, but also other chemicals, which you need to restock. Fresh fruits and milkshakes are great to replenish your lost nutritional items and to reward yourself for the good job of exercising.