Fitness Is An Essential Part Of Being A Soccer Player

Soccer is very popular not only amongst men and boys, but increasing the female sex see it as a great sport, which is a lot of fun.

The key to enjoying playing soccer is in staying fit and to that end special training is required.

A fitter player will easily last a full ninety minute game and ensure alertness at all times.

Ball skills can be brilliant but if you can only maintain a small amount of running time on the pitch, it is worth player

Basic fitness training starts with warm ups, this is essential to avoid injuries and muscle tension. A good set of stretching, light jogging and jumping exercises should result in a good level of sweat and an ability to just go straight into any game.

Stamina was never fully appreciated years ago but often it is the performance in the last few minutes of a match that can see a team win or lose. Many great finals have been lost because of fatigue and players suffering from exhaustion when all available substitutes have been used.

In an average game a soccer player will clock up in the region of seven miles so regular cross country running is a vital part of any fitness routine. Scoring a goal is all about getting the ball before an opponent so speed plays a huge factor.

Lastly, not all players will have it but agility makes the most attractive player to watch on a soccer pitch. Ball control too can be greatly improved by regular practice and certain physical fitness exercises enhance every players all round performance at every match.