Fitness Mantras You Would Do Well To Remember – Part 1

Those of us who aim either for weight loss, fitness or quite simply good health would do well to keep in mind the following fitness mantras:

  1. That weighing scale can lie to you: Many fitness experts will swear that the only way to keep track of your fitness is to weigh yourself periodically. However, this can actually be quite discouraging. You may have lost inches but no pounds; you may have a lot of muscle mass that weighs more than fat; putting your BMI off kilter. This is why the weighing scale may sometimes lie to you.weighing scale
  2. Starvation is Never any good: When you starve yourself, the body signals famine to itself, slows down metabolism and starts to horde fat deposits. It will sacrifice the lean muscle but hold on to the fat. Also starvation deprives body of vital nutrients, so it is always going to be bad for you to curtail calories too drastically.
  3. Slow and Steady is best: Aim for slow and steady weight loss rather than sudden loss. Aim to build muscle not suddenly but over a period of time so that it is sustained.
  4. Exercise is necessary for fitness: There is getting around the fact that in order to stay healthy and fit you have to have an active life or at least one in which there is place for regular exercise.
  5. Some Diet Pills and fitness supplements can do more harm than good: While some may be effective and some ineffective, there are those that may be downright dangerous; watch out for those.