Fitness Plans Along with Tech Tools To Get In Shape

No matter how much you’d like to slim your waistline and lose the belly, it’s difficult to find a workout routine that not only works, but one that fits your needs and is easy to stick to.

Several fitness plans along with free and cheap technology was available to help you get in shape and stick to a training plan.

Read on for a look at the most simple yet effective plans —along with the best tech tools to help you get and stay in shape.

Despite the proliferation of diet plans and expensive exercise equipment, the key to fitness is and always will be healthy eating, portion control, and a solid exercise routine. (But, a solid exercise routine need not be hard or expensive.) Here are some of the tips and tools to help you get in shape.running1

From Couch to 5k to Marathon

If you’ve never done much running or exercise, getting started can be a bear. The key is baby steps, and the Couch to 5k running plan gets you ready to run your first 5k (that’s three miles) in just six weeks.

If you’re beyond the 5k, you can try marathon at least once (or, if that seems a touch ambitious, a half marathon).

Twenty-six miles may seem insane, but if you can run a 5k, you can probably do a marathon.

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