Fitness Strategies – Worth It or Not? (Part 2)

fitness strategyWe looked at some fitness strategies in part 1 of this post; which fitness strategies are really worth it and which are not?

1. Cooling down worth it.  Again it may be tempting to skip this, but this is important to do for a number of reasons – it helps you transition from exercise to rest mode, and helps prevent pooling of blood in the limbs. It helps decrease the heart rate and consequently the load on the heart.

2. Weighing yourself – worth it. This helps one get an accurate idea of the amount of weight one has lost and better equips them to keep off the weight and not let it creep back. Weighing oneself is an important control mechanism and tool for motivation as well; helping to keep you on track.

Knowing that your weight has gone up may disappoint you, but also it will give you the determination to keep you on track and give you the satisfaction of being able to chart your progress.

3. Taking supplements – Not worth it. According to some experts, supplements and vitamins are a ‘lazy way out’.

Vitamins through food is a better idea; such as milk products for calcium and oranges for vitamin C.  Nutrient rich food is even otherwise good for the body, giving other valuable compounds to the body. Rather than taking the route of supplements, consult with a nutritionist or a dietician.