Fitness Training Basics

You know that diet and exercise are the main factors to achieve fitness. Before starting any fitness program, follow fitness training steps to achieve better results.

Here are some of the fitness training steps:

  1. Take enough rest before starting any exercise. If you are doing exercise when you are tired, you may end up with injuries.
  2. Train yourself when you feel comfortable. If you are ill, don’t practice or workout. If you are not able to do some exercises, leave them and practice exercises which are comfortable to you.
  3. fitness training

  4. Before starting fitness training, plan about the training. Plan about your targets and goals. If you plan and go accordingly, you can achieve the results faster.
  5. Once you have planned, you should not neglect them.
    You should stick to your plan and should not deviate from the plan. Do not take any excuses, as you may not achieve your goal.
  6. Once you have started the fitness training program, workout slowly. Don’t be tempted to do too much as you are likely to get injured. Reach your goal slowly according to the plan.
  7. Follow your own way. If you are working with someone, you may feel tensed as they may progress better than you. Instead you workout independently and go in your own way.
  8. After you have started fitness training program, you should not give up. You may doubt about your ability whether you get results or not. You should not lose hope and stick to your plan and achieve your goal.

Fitness training techniques

Warm up exercises: Warming up is essential before starting any exercise program. Stretch your body and make sure that breathing is normal during stretching. If you don’t stretch or warm up before starting any exercise, it may lead to injuries. You should stretch your body for ten minutes before and after starting your workout.

Whenever you are stretching your body, follow the correct posture. Don’t overstretch and stretch slowly. Hold your stretch for ten to fifteen seconds and relax. Don’t force your body to stretch.

Sit ups: Lie flat on the floor on your back with knees bent at ninety degrees. Keep your hands touching the sides of the head and elbows touching the floor. Lift your upper body to a ninety degrees angle until the elbows touch the outside of the knees. Keep your head straight and look ahead. Lie back to the original position. Both shoulders and elbows should touch the floor. Repeat the exercise for ten times.

Press ups: Keep your body position forward over shoulders. Keep your hands shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows to ninety degrees angle. Keep your body straight and look forward. Extend the arms back to the support position. Repeat the exercise for ten times.

Fitness training includes a good diet and nutrition. Good nutrition will improve your health, exercise program, weight management and improve healing time from injuries. Following the fitness training improves your blood circulation, improves muscle balance, and improves cardiovascular system. It also helps in controlling your blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases.