Fitness Workout For Citizens Sixty And Over

If you are beginning the fitness workout at the age of sixty, you have to concentrate on long and slow exercise sessions.

The range of workout should be kept between 60-65% until you become conditioned.

Before starting fitness workout or before increasing the intensity of workout, talk to your doctor.

It is better to exercise slowly and increasing the intensity gradually than to over-do it and never coming back.

Your aging can change the importance of fitness workout. You have to exercise six days a week. As you are retired, this is your new job. Like your old job, your new job is to exercise regularly whether you wanted it or not. If that old lion is trying to drag you away to devour, you have to use the stick called exercise to beat him workout

There are three types of fitness workout: cardiovascular workout, balance or core workout, and strength training.

Cardiovascular fitness workout:

Avoid exercises which stress your joints. If you have never exercised, stick with brisk walking, stationary bike, water aerobics, low impact aerobics [Types of aerobics] and treadmill.

If you have kept yourself active, you can try what works for you. If you are used to long runs, exchange them for shorter runs or jogging. Do not engage in high impact exercises everyday.

Switch between high impact and low impact exercises. Perform intense form of cardiovascular activities three days out of six [Cardiovascular exercise equipment]. On the other three days, you can incorporate non-exercise related activities such as gardening, dance class or a bike ride.

Strength training fitness workout:

If you have never lifted weights, you can hire an expert to show the right technique. Get a medical clearance from doctor. Both doctor and expert suggest to start with light weights and increase the intensity.

Go slowly. Your tendons and ligaments take no longer to get strong and flexible than your muscles will take to get strong [Building muscle mass]. Out of six days, allot two days for strength training. Use a weight that allows you to perform eight to ten repetitions. If you feel pain, stop the workout immediately.

Balance and core fitness workout:

Concentrate more on balance and core fitness workout. These exercises improve your posture; you look younger and put less stress on your joints. The fitness workouts that help with balance and strength are torso mobilizer, sitting bike and the tip toe exercise.

Torso mobilizer fitness workout:
Sit on the floor and put your legs out in front of you with your feet loosen. Hold your arms out in front of you. Keep your back straight and lean your arms forward. Hold for 20 seconds and get back to the original position.

Sitting bike fitness workout:
Sit on the chair and hold the back of the chair. Pull your knee up toward your chest until your heel is off the ground. Hold for a count of two and put it down. Do it the other side. Beginner work for 4 times on each side. Advanced should work for 8 times.

The tip toe fitness workout:
Start this exercise using the help of wall or chair. Stand with your feet touching. Slowly rise on your tip toes for a count of 20. Raise your hands over your head while you are on tip toe. Put your palms together and hold for 20 seconds reaching as far up as you can.

Lower your hands to shoulder height. You should look like letter ‘T’. Hold for ten seconds. Change position after every five seconds after this, up and down like you are flying.

Sixty is the age where you have more pains and aches but it does not mean you should become fragile. Do fitness workout everyday and enjoy the life with good health.