Fitness Workouts And Tips To Maintain Your Summer Fitness

Plan your summer fitness program to beat the effects of extremely hot weather.

To build a healthy body, mind and spirit, you need a regular exercise routine to reap all of its benefits, which are literally endless.

Although the hot weather in summer can make following a fitness exercise routine difficult, try not to use it as an excuse.

Try to fit in at least 30 to 60 minutes of physical activities or fitness exercises every day in the summer to maintain or increase an existing fitness level.

Fitness workouts to maintain fitness in the summer:

To beat the heat and humid weather and maintain summer fitness, you need to follow a fitness exercise routine with appropriate actions. Here are a few fitness exercises that keep you fit and build your arms in the summertime.

Reverse curls: Start the exercise by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, hold dumbbells in both hands (one for each), drop the arms before you and palms towards in. Now, slowly lift the dumbbells up with elbows near to the rib cage. Hold for a few seconds, lower the dumbbells, and return to your original position.

Triceps kickbacks: Hold dumbbells firmly and bend forward in such a way that your torso is parallel to the ground, tummy tight, and knees bent a little. Then, pull the elbows up so they are at the level of the back. Now, by keeping the arms near your ribcage, bring the dumbbells up slowly until both arms are in a straight line behind you. Hold your triceps. Then, lower the hands slowly and return to the starting position.

Bicep curls, Overhead press, Dips and Push-ups are also good workouts to maintain fitness in the summer.

Fitness tips to maintain your body fitness in summer

  • Hydration is the first and foremost factor to consider for summer fitness. Always hydrate the body through drinking fluids regularly. It is also good to have a sports drink with electrolytes, especially after a workout session of more than an hour.
  • Regularly check and observe the heart rate. If it goes above normal, then reduce speed or stop the workout to avoid further problems.
  • Maintain a proper schedule for your fitness exercise routine to keep the effects of hot weather away. The best time for an outdoor fitness program in summer is before 10am and after 7pm.
  • If you prefer indoor exercises, practice in a climate controlled environments like health clubs and gyms.
  • Apply sunscreen lotions regularly to protect the skin from skin problems like skin cancer. Choose oil-free, waterproof sunscreens to maintain the functioning of the sweating mechanism without any interference.
  • Always keep your body clean and fresh immediately after your exercise session by taking a shower and changing clothes. Doing this keeps your skin away from irritation.
  • Always consult your physician or healthcare provider before you start any new fitness program.