Five Minute Fitness – Quick workouts For Keeping You Fit

Exercise or workout is more important for your mind and body.

But are you doing your workout program regularly by planning half an hour to forty five minutes from your schedule?

Nobody is spending separate time for workout even if they are planning in that way.

You may not find time to workout on a busy schedule.

Here are some of the five minute fitness workouts for keeping you fit on busy schedule.

These workouts can be performed at your home or office.workout

  1. Take a lift to the bottom floor and then climb the stairs to come back to your floor. You can do this at you home or at office. If your home building or office building has no stairs, you can buy an inexpensive workout step. The step climbing helps workout stress and emotion.
  2. You can take some time out to do stretching exercises. Stretching exercises alleviate you from tension and stiffness in the joint. You can perform these stretching exercises at your office also. Keep a yoga mat at your office and perform stretches in a relaxing room.
  3. If you are at home, step outside the building and take a brisk walk around the building or at parking lot. Make your mind calm and free of emotions by getting out of a stressful atmosphere. By walking fast, the cardiovascular system and muscles get exercised. Therefore the excess tension in your system gets worked out and you feel relaxed and refreshed.
  4. Stand two feet away from your desk, bend at the waist and place your hands on the edge of the desk to help support your body. Hold for thirty seconds and stand up straight and take several deep breaths. Repeat it twice or more times. This help you release tension in the spine and shoulders by stretching out back like this.
  5. Park your vehicle away from the entrance. The further out your park, the more steps you add to your day. If you are parking away, you are taking 5 minutes more to reach the entrance and you won’t feel that you are doing any exercise also.
  6. You keep some tennis balls in your desk and take out whenever you feel tensed. Take one tennis ball in each hand and squeeze as hard as you can for eight to ten seconds. Release and relax and repeat it several times. This increases the hand strength and conditions the forearms as well.
  7. If you are sitting in a chair, sit straight and lift your feet so that they are pointing straight and lower them back to the ground. Keep your thighs steady. Repeat this eight to ten times. The leg raises helps you stretch out calf muscles and relieve stress on your back from sitting.
  8. You can use a wall for your five minute workout either at home or office. Stand about sixteen inches away from the door or wall and place your hands on the surface at about shoulder height and do vertical push-ups. You can move still farther or change the position of your hands on the wall. You can also try to do one handed push-ups vertically.
  9. Use a set of resistance bands at your home and office and take a break to work with them. Whenever you are tired with your work, take the band with high resistance and use it for lateral raises. Place one end of the band under your foot and hold the other end in your hand at about waist height and lift the band straight out to the side.
  10. You can use a set of dumbbells at your home or office. A set with five weights is fairly inexpensive. You can do some strength building exercises for the arms and back. If you have enough energy, you can use heaviest weight and can do many bicep curls as possible.
  11. You can do star jumps in five minutes at your home or office. Star jumps are easy to perform and fun way to burn fat and keep fit. From a squatted down position, jump up taking your hands and legs out to the side.On landing, make sure you land on both feet together lowering down back into the squat position, remembering not to allow your knees to pass over your toes. Aim to workout for sessions between 30 seconds to a minute long depending on your fitness level, rest for the same period of time and then repeat.