Gastric Bypass Seen to be Good for the Heart

Gastric Bypass is one of the preferred options for the obese and overweight, an effective weight loss surgery that helps decrease body fat, increase health, wellbeing and self esteem as well. Now a study done at the Medical College of Georgia has found another possible positive side effect of gastric bypass – it may increase heart health as well.

gastric bypass surgeryThe study headed by Dr Sheldon Litwin, involved 300 obese individuals who had not had the weight loss surgery and 400 people who had gone under the knife to lose weight.

The impact of the surgery on the hearts of the participants was measured by echocardiograms two years after the surgery, and it was found that the negative impact of obesity on the heart was reversed by virtue of the gastric bypass.

Obesity tends to change the structure of the heart, causing ventricle enlargement and excess muscle fibers and these can contribute to heart disease and heart failure.

Evidently this negative impact of obesity is not permanent and can be reversed by weight loss.

Apart from the obvious benefits of the gastric bypass such as slimmer bodies and weight loss of about 100 pounds each, those that underwent the procedure also experienced reduced blood pressure and heart rate and also lower levels of bad cholesterol.