Get Fit With The Help Of Your Child

Most women gain weight after a pregnancy. This extra fat is hard to shake off, as most new mothers hardly find the time to take care of themselves.

There is hardly enough time to exercise and the excuse of breast-feeding the baby, is enough not to diet.

Most women carry their child at around 12-18 months of age. That’s the time the child has learnt to balance and walk independently. This could be the perfect time to lose weight. In fact your child could help you get back into

Surprised? Well you needn’t be. Your child is learning to explore the world on his two feet. Join him in his new adventure and lose some weight in the bargain.

The mere act of playing with your child and running around with them can help you burn calories. Take you child out to the community park and become a child with him.

Teach your child to run and jump in the park. Run and jump with him. Teach him to become an airplane with his arms spread wide and zoom around the park.

Have fun with your child. Roll around on the soft grass, play, jump, and hop and run around with your child. Your child will love you for being a child like he is and also learn these gross motor skills.

A balanced diet and good eating habits along with all the physical activity that you do with your child can help you burn plenty of calories and lose some weight too.