Gyms Try Anything To Stop Customers Getting Bored

In an effort to capitalize on people’s never ending desire for fitness that needs constant encouragement, the industry is striving to find new ways to get everyone away from the couch.

The Moscone Center in San Francisco will host the 28th annual trade show for the International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association. On display will be all the latest equipment, guaranteed to keep reluctant exercisers entertained while they are at the gym.

Joe Moore, CEO and president of the association knows all about Americans dislike of gym equipment and how important it is that any exercise is incorporated into life’s daily routine.

Increasing users’ enjoyment is seen as the key to getting more people interested. Companies are taking advantage of the popularity of video games in all age groups and combining it with 3D technology so the workout can be in a virtual reality.

Arriving at the gym, you get to choose what character to be and what genre to enter into and the list is endless. For the more adventurous, there is suspended weight training program, a system of nylon bands and anchor points.

TRX who have developed this program have considered the different sportsmen that would utilize it and it can be adapted for runners or racquet users accordingly.

Many high profile celebrities, like Martha Stewart, have been singing the praises of the Power Pilate. This machine vibrates while you exercise on it, which apparently stimulates muscle contractions. It is an expensive piece of kit however; there are more affordable solutions to be seen at the Californian convention.