Health, Fitness And Exercise Program For Busy Folks!

If your friends and colleagues are spending time in gym, are you feeling overwhelmed?

Not interested to play tennis game as it requires hour long match and also need to go to tennis club and change the dress.

You feel that three hours will be wasted and these three hours you can utilize for business meetings and clients.

Being penny wise does not work in any circumstance and especially where health fitness exercise is concerned. But you should know that three hours if you skip your work and participate in such activities, optimum health can be fitness exercise

Health fitness exercise program:

Instead of ignoring health fitness exercise, here is a suggestion for integrating it into your busy schedule. Treat your fitness program as major task in office. Break the major task into small components.

Instead of spending prolonged hours in gym or tennis, ask your trainer to split the exercise program.

Health fitness exercise schedule 1:
20 minutes of workout for five days a week.
Week 1: all cardio
Week 2: weights
Week 3: cardio workout on alternate days in a week, weights on remaining days of the week
Week 4: cardio workout on alternate days in a week, weights on remaining days of the week
Repeat the entire cycle up to the second month

Health fitness exercise schedule 2:
30 minutes of exercise for four times a week.
20 minutes cardio
10 minutes weights

Health fitness exercise schedule 3:
30 minutes of workout for three days a week.
1st day: 20 minutes cardio and 10 minutes stretching
2nd day: 20 minutes weights and 10 minutes cardio
3rd day: 20 minutes cardio and 10 minutes of weights

Frequency and intensity for health fitness exercise program:
You have to increase the intensity gradually. But, if you are busy and cannot spend time for more than 30 minutes a day, then increase your intensity. If you are involving treadmill in cardio, take notch up 1 level (if you have started with level 3, go to level 4 in second month). For weight training, if you have started with 5 pound weights, increase to 7.5 pounds in second month.

When you are just starting, be realistic with your goals. If you increase frequency and intensity too soon, you feel to give up the health fitness exercise program. So, start slowly and increase the intensity gradually.

By varying the exercise routine, you can integrate exercise into your busy schedule. If you include variety in your routine, you can do it interestingly. Without variety, you will get bored and drop out the program. Variety exercises helps to tone different parts of the body.

If you are a beginner of health fitness exercise program, start with small steps. Perform one exercise segment at a time. You can also include your favorite sport during the week like swimming, cycling or jogging. You can also include yoga as it needs only mat and quiet room for 20 minutes.