Helpful Tips For Teen Fitness To Attain Quicker And Easier!

Is it not shocking that teens of this modern technology have worse shape than ever! Of course it is. But, don’t worry.

Still they have time to get off their couch and get into an exercise routine with suitable workout strategies and physical activities that help maintain teen fitness.

It is to be noted that teen fitness affects the way a teen appears, feels, and performs (physically and mentally).

It impacts on schoolwork, job chances as well as social activities.

It also helps prevent the occurrence of serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes , high blood pressure, osteoporosis [Preventing Osteoporosis], and some types of cancer.Teen Fitness

So, being a teen parent, now the goal is to make your teen maintain teen fitness with healthy weight and perfect body shape.

Teen fitness includes a wide range of new and exciting techniques that help teen to stay healthy and in perfect shape. The most essential factors to consider while maintaining teen fitness are healthy food, regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

Here are some tips to help achieve your goal of teen fitness quickly and easily.

Dietary Tips

  • Follow a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as these are most essential sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Dairy products, poultry products, meat, fish etc should be taken only in moderate quantities.
  • Avoid taking sugary foodstuff such as chocolates, biscuits, cakes, sweets, ice creams and soft drinks, as these can cause tooth decay. If you desire to have, restrict its consumption to very small quantities.
  • Restrict your consumption of fatty foods in large quantities. Instead, consume in smaller quantities.
  • On the whole, the quantities of your healthy diet per day should be in such a way that fifty percent of the calories are from complex carbohydrates such as rice, cereals and bread. One third of calories should come from dairy products (milk, curd and ghee) and the rest should be from fatty foods.

Regular Workouts

  • Follow an exercise routine with workouts that are fun and energetic. Add a wide range of activities. Developing such exercise routine will never seem boring or tired.
  • Prefer fitness wear appropriate for the weather and physical activity. Wear comfortable and convenient loose-fitting clothing and properly fitted footwear.
  • Set a convenient place and time to practice exercise regimen. Set your teen fitness goal as a habit, but be regular and alert.
  • If you skip doing your exercise routine, increase your work activity into your day in another way.
  • While practicing your workouts, play your favorite music to refresh your mood and to have entertainment.
  • Avoid doing high-intensity activities, especially at first. Try low to moderate level of activities for 30-60 minutes a day. Gradually increase your duration and intensity of physical activities with the increase in fitness levels.
  • Keep track of your workouts and reward yourself at every special milestone.


  • Maintain proper schedule of sleeping hours
  • Avoid stimulants like coffee, tea, chocolates, and caffeinated sodas
  • Keep your bed clean and tidy
  • Avoid bright lights in the bedroom.