Hiking – An Excellent Option For Improving Fitness

With so many of us cooped up indoors pounding the treadmills and working the stationary bike, in climate controlled environments, the idea of hiking in the great outdoors, as a fitness option may not strike readily. And yet hiking is an excellent option for meeting your fitness and health related objectives – and summer may be the best time to take that road not taken!

hikingDepending upon your fitness levels and your fitness goals, your hike could mean a leisurely paced trek to an arduous one on a steep gradient.

Hiking up hills can itself be fairly taxing physically, particularly when you are also carrying a back pack – this can help burn calories and also help increase body strength.

It isn’t just the physical impact of hiking that is positive – being outdoors and communing with nature is also more tranquil.

Hiking can help you de-stress as well as help you get stronger and lose weight.

It can be a fun group activity, wherein you may enjoy the activity so much, it doesn’t even seem like a work out.

Hiking is not something that requires a lot of skill and as a group activity one can get a big boost of encouragement and support as well. Since it is an enjoyable activity, even a sedentary person may be tempted to persist with it.