Hotel Workout Tips – Don’t Let Travel Interrupt Your Fitness Regime (Part 1)

Many of us have jobs that entail a lot of travel, which ordinarily does not translate to a good uninterrupted exercise routine and which can derail your fitness regimen because of the many interruptions and gaps travel will inevitably cause.

In a hotel, you may not have access to a gym or your timings may be too erratic to let you work out.

So, use the following tips to get an effective work out even when you are traveling and are not able to access your usual fitness facilities.

Wake a little early if you have to, but fitting in some quality activity into the daily grind will keep you full of vim and vigor the whole day through.

  • Use the stairs. Any moderately tall hotel has many flights stairs which you can take instead of the elevator.
  • Use the pool. If your hotel is sufficiently well equipped it is likely to have a pool. Eschew half an hour’s sleep to get in some laps of good quality exercise.
  • Carry a skipping/jump rope. This is high quality high intensity exercise for anyone who does not have any joint ailments. A few sets of skipping with a jump rope will give you an excellent work out; just clear out an area of the hotel room by pushing back the furniture.