Hotel Workout Tips – Don’t Let Travel Interrupt Your Fitness Regime (Part 2)

You can use hotel furniture and other odds and ends to fashion an effective workout for when you are out of town and in some cases use nothing more than the weight of your own body to give yourself an effective workout:

  • If into weights, one can use a couple of bottles or bottled water as dumbbells for a weights workout.
  • Pushups and stomach crunches are possible anywhere using nothing more than the weight of one’s body. Additionally, hotel chairs can be used to try and work out a different angle of pushups.
  • Squats as well, you can do anywhere, and to add intensity to the action, one can use the bottles of water while doing those. You can also do one leg squats using the hotel bed to rest your other foot and alternating between the two.
  • You can also fashion a workout lying on the hotel bed or the carpet by doing a sort of towel leg press. You can also do stationary cycling lying on the back and working the legs in a circular cycling motion.

So when you are out of town, this does not necessarily mean that your fitness regime should grind to a halt; with a little time and some creativity, you can ensure that there is no real break in your fitness routine while traveling.