How Hoop Dance Helps In Achieving Fitness?

Are you looking for an easy and effective workout to strengthen your core muscles? Then why don’t you try hoop dance for fitness! It is just combining the hoop with dance movements as well as low-impact aerobic movements.

What is hoop dance?

Hoop dance (hoping) for fitness is the renovated form of Hula Hooping. This form of dance fitness is gaining public recognition because of its great benefits to the mind, body, and spirit.

It is not a boring low energy workout to burn calories. It is about incorporating body moves into flow, finding the center within your body, and then hooping with large, weighted hoops.hoop dance

Hoop dancing for fitness unites fun along with great aerobic exercise. It makes you learn the basics of hooping while performing the cardio exercise.

It is also great in stimulating the brain from both sides and help to increase confidence, self-motivation, understanding and creativeness.

It also focuses on strengthening and flexing core muscles while developing coordination of movements using large weighted hoops.

Today, hoop dance is not limited to kids only. Now, with renovation, this activity is growing exponentially as a form of dance fitness among all—kids and adults.

Local gyms, fitness centers, colleges and several independent companies are offering classes for people to learn hoop dance for fitness.

It is a good choice for people who want to bring more health, fitness, energy, and joy into the life. With hoop dance, you feel strong, active, and confident.

Hoop dance for fitness also help lose body weight, build up core muscles and gives relaxation to the body and mind. Overall, it is a fantastic fun activity.

Hoop dancing for fitness – benefits

  • Helps lose body weight. Doing 10 minutes of hoop dancing can burn nearly 100 calories.
  • Supports in maintaining full body fitness and wellness
  • Stimulates the brain from right and left sides and integrates their functioning
  • Enhances cardiovascular fitness and strengthens muscles
  • Helps in building coordination and fluidity in body movements
  • Gives full of joy, playfulness and good sensations

Hoop dancing for fitness – guidelines

  • Always do few gentle stretches at the beginning and finishing of your hoop dancing session.
  • For beginners, it is good to start hooping on the grass or on other soft area so that the tape stays as it is without dropping and clinging up your hoop.
  • Practice your hoop dance by moving from your center.
  • Always keep your hoop away from the sun or heat. Leaving the hoop in the sun or in the heat can warp the hoop. In case, if it happens, then place the hoop on a flat surface under the sunshine for nearly half-an-hour so that the hoop gets back its original circular shape.
  • To maintain your hoop, always keep it in a cool, dry place either by lying flat or by leaning against the wall.
  • You get a great motivation in doing hoop dance by listening to music and practicing with co-hooper.