How To Choose The Right Sports Bra For You?

Here is one just for the ladies, a look at choosing the right sports bra. The correct sports bra for a particular body type, to say nothing of the particular work out type could be the difference between a good workout and a great workout.

Why getting the right sports bra or athletic bra is important?

The first question that many women ask is, why get a sports bra? How is it different and why do you need a different bra than the regular ones? A sports bra is specifically designed to be tighter and offer more support than a regular bra.

They are constructed to distribute the weight more evenly and the material is usually of a breathable type that offers cool comfort to the wearer.

The material that the sports bra is made from is important because it should be able to soak up the sweat letting the wearer feel comfortable.

An ill-fitting bra or a loose one or one without adequate support can be jarring, cause unnecessary movement and even pain.

A sports bra becomes all the more important when you are doing high impact exercises such as running, jumping, skipping etc.

Correct sizing is the key to buying the right sports bra as quality is the key to buying the right lacrosse equipment.

Types of Sports Bras

There are two main kinds of sports bras: the encapsulation style and the compression style. The encapsulation bra has molded cups that restricts movement and is said to be effective for larger sized women. They often have underwire which is a recommended feature for extra support if one is comfortable with it.

Many of these bras are designed in a way that they can be worn as outer wear so that there is no need for an additional layer of clothing on top.

The compression bra, as the name suggested, compresses and flattens the breasts against the chest, making for less movement. One of the chief criticisms leveled against these sports bras is the ‘Uniboob’ look which many find unattractive.

This kind of bra works well for smaller women. They are available in regular and racer back styles (Y shaped) which can be more comfortable and offer better support while restricting movement.

The Proper Fit

Correct sizing is key to buying the right sports bra, too tight or too loose will negate the benefits. Though a sports bra should feel a little snugger than a regular one, it should not cut into the skin or chafe in any way. With the right sports bra, you may well find that there is a spring in your step as you work out!