How to Get Rid Of a Double Chin – Surgical and Other Options

We have spoken before about how to get rid of a double chin by effective weight loss exercise and appropriate double chin exercises. What we also discussed is the futility of doing those exercises unless there is also an effective weight loss program in place.

When considering the best way to get rid of a double chin, keep in mind the 3 factors responsible for that double chin – genetic or hereditary factors, body fat (basically what you eat) and slack facial muscles that come with age and so on.

Double Chin ExercisesSo clearly speaking about how to get rid of a double chin, you have to find the ideal way to do so that corresponds to reason behind it.

While a double chin that has come about due to excess body weight can be lost by losing overall weight, when there are genetic and age related factors involved, weight loss will be a less effective way to lose the double chin.

How to get rid of a double chin using a chin Wrap or Strap

There are products out there that claim to be natural, effective and non invasive methods for losing the double chin – products such as the chin wrap requires one to apply a gel or lotion of some sort in the double chin area which is supposed to help by shrinking the cells in that area.

The chin strap or wrap is then worn to help lift and re-sculpt the area and also to give the skin a tightening massage. The results of this product however are not as good for everyone – while some claim to see some visible difference others claim that there has been no visible improvement in the double chin department for them.

How to get rid of a double chin with surgery

Surgery is perhaps the most effective way to get rid of a double chin – however remember that this should ideally be considered only as a last resort and when other ways have been tried and have failed to work. There are risks associated with any kind of surgical procedure, and dangers of side effects and complications are always present.

Earlier the commonly used surgical ways to get rid of a double chin were face lifts and chin tucks. While these techniques are fairly effective, newer types of chin surgeries are seen to have fewer side effects and a shorter recovery time as well as less scarring.

More recent techniques for how to get rid of a double chin are more effective and the cosmetic procedure of chin liposuction can help one get rid of the excess fat beneath the chin and in the neck area.

The procedure consists of anesthesia (usually local) being administered and an incision being made in the skin and the fat being sucked out of the area. The muscles of the neck and the chin are then tightened to prevent lose folds from hanging down.

As an addition to a surgical procedure for double chin removal or even in addition to such a procedure, a chin implant can also help in your quest for how to get rid of a double chin. This enhances the chin or makes it more prominent so that the double chin is less evident.