How to Maintain Cardiovascular Fitness? Cardiovascular Exercises To Improve Your Heart Health!

Do you want to know what cardiovascular fitness is?

Cardio refers to the heart and Vascularrefers to the blood vessels.

So, cardiovascular fitness can be defined simply as the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Cardiovascular fitness is most essential because the heart and blood vessels supply blood to the important organs and muscles of the body. Moreover, blood contains oxygen and oxygen is most important for us to stay alive.

So, maintaining cardiovascular fitness helps increase the capacity of the heart and blood vessels to transport oxygen-rich blood to the organs and muscles of the body. Even it improves the ability of the muscles to utilize oxygen to produce energy for functioning.Cardiovascular Fitness

As the heart and blood vessels are the most integral part of the body, cardiovascular exercises are best for maintaining cardiovascular fitness. Practicing cardiovascular exercises regularly provides you with several benefits that go beyond the improvement of heart and blood vessels.

Cardiovascular exercises can not only helps keep cardiovascular fitness, but also reduce heart diseases. According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is the major cause of death in America. It is found that about 250,000 people die with heart disease every year.

The main reason for this death rate is lack of regular exercise. Without exercise, people become less active and are at greater risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure).

Cardiovascular exercises can burn a lot of calories, decreases LDL cholesterol levels and stress, improve stamina, and increases the metabolic activity rate. It is also good for athletic performance and an enhanced quality of life.

Aerobics exercises are the best cardiovascular exercises for cardiovascular fitness, as these exercises involve the larger muscles and provide enduring results that strengthens the cardiovascular system and enhances the body’s need for oxygen.

The right forms of cardiovascular exercises are running, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, jogging and some other aerobics.

The key to perform these cardiovascular exercises actively is to choose exercises that you enjoy the most. The more enjoyable the exercise is, the more likely you wish to continue practicing.

On the other hand, cardiovascular exercises are categorized based on three important components: frequency, duration, and intensity. These are the basic components that need to be considered while starting exercise routine.

Frequency of the cardiovascular exercises refers to the number of exercise sessions per week. To maintain cardiovascular fitness and to reduce body fat, it is recommended to exercise thrice a week.

Duration refers to the time you spend on each exercise session. The duration of each cardiovascular exercise session can be as little as five minutes to as much as 60 minutes or more.

Each time you perform cardiovascular exercise, practice at least twenty minutes. Even you can practice for more time. The more you practice, the more calories and fat burns and the better the cardiovascular fitness.

Intensity refers to the hard your body is working while exercising. A beginner should practice at a low intensity and increase your intensity gradually.

So, practicing cardiovascular exercises thrice a week for 30-60 minutes is enough to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

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