How To Maintain Fitness Exercise Routine In A Hot And Humid Weather?

Owing to the hot and humid weather in summer, it is good to modify your fitness exercise routine in advance.

It is most essential for those who exercise outdoors. This helps to protect the body from heat related illnesses such as heat exhaustion, dehydration, heat stroke and many more.

But, now the question is how to modify a fitness exercise routine, right! It’s very easy if you follow the suggestions given here:

Maintain body hydration: Proper body hydration is the key to maintaining a fitness regimen during hot and humid weathers.

During summer time, it is good to hydrate the body by drinking lots of fluids, at least ten to twelve hours before you start your fitness workout.exercise routine

Also, drink water or other fluids for every 15 minutes while performing your fitness exercises. As the body loses salt and other electrolytes while doing exercise, it is wise to restore the loss with some sports drink.

It is also good to stay away from caffeine within twenty-four hours of your fitness exercising, as it is the primary agent for body dehydration. Sun exposure is also a factor for body dehydration. Better avoid all those factors that support fluid loss.

Set proper time: As exposure to the sun can cause heat-related problems and affect your fitness exercise routine, set a proper hot weather workout time.

Set your fitness exercising timings only when the temperature is moderate and the humidity levels are very low. The best time to practice your fitness exercise is in the morning or in the evening.

Be comfortable: Following a fitness regimen in the hot and humid weather need more comfort than ever. So, select clothing made of cool max, a cooling fiber material that breathes and keeps heat away from the body.

Get aware of heat-related illnesses: As heat-related illnesses can develop during summer time because of the hot and humid weathers and affect fitness regimen, it is good to know about the illnesses and its signs.

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are the most common forms of heat-related problems. Rise in body temperature, fatigue, nausea, lightheadedness, and headache are the signs of heat exhaustion whereas fast pulse rate, high body temperature, difficultly in breathing are the signs of heat stroke. The condition when left untreated can lead to coma, and even death.

If you start experiencing some of these signs, discontinue your fitness workout regimen right away and start restoring the lost body fluids by drinking lots of water and by spraying the body with cool water. If you find no relief, consult your doctor immediately.

Be moderate: It is a good idea to limit your fitness exercises when temperatures and humidity are very high. So, adjust your fitness workout regimen a little bit without maximizing. It is suitable particularly to those who haven’t adjusted to do fitness exercises in the hot and humid weather.

Look for other fitness workout options: As your body can undergo severe strain with fitness exercises when the temperature rises during summertime, it is good to transfer your outdoor fitness routine to an indoor location that has air conditioning. Also, modify your fitness exercise routine by joining an exercise club.