How to Maintain Total Body Fitness While Traveling?

Many of us have a regular fitness routine to follow at home. But when we are required to travel, it becomes very difficult to follow the routine. Here are few tips when you are traveling to maintain total body fitness:

  • total body fitnessTake full rest before the trip. Pack the items well in advance so that you will not be in hurry at the last minute wasting your energy levels.
  • Drink plenty of water before leaving. Alcohol and cocktails will only dehydrate you further. Humidity levels in the aircraft will be less than 10%. So water is the best.
  • Time your sleep correctly. Once you board, get the local time of your destination and set your watch accordingly. If it is night time, wear blindfolds and sleep for some time.
  • If your job requires you to travel at least four to five times in a month, ask your company to book hotels which have gym and swimming facilities.
  • Take time out of your travel schedule and include exercise schedule to maintain total body fitness. Get up early in the morning and go to gym in the hotel. Work on treadmill or elliptical trainer for ten minutes.
  • If you have business meeting that is near, you can take a walk. When you return after all the appointments and business meetings at night, go to gym and lift weights for 10 minutes to complete your workout for the day.
  • If you are traveling with group of colleagues, ask your colleague to play tennis or squash with you. If there is no gym in the hotel, still you can exercise in your hotel room.

Exercises you can perform in hotel room for total body fitness:

Cobra or back extension: Lie on your stomach as if you are ready to perform push ups. Keep your hands on the side. Palms should face downwards and fingers should be pointed upwards. With your hands, push your torso to lift off the floor.

Keep pelvis on the floor and your head looking ahead. Hold and then release. Repeat this 3 times. Don’t tilt your head back to look at the ceiling as it puts strain on your neck.

Crunch for lower abdominals: Lie flat on your back and bend your knees. Cross your arms over your chest. Tighten your abdomen, squeeze your buttocks and push your lower back into the floor. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds breathing normally. Relax and then release.

Hurdler’s stretch: Bend your knee towards the front and tuck your lower leg in toward the opposite thigh. Stretch gently toward the straight leg without bouncing. This is like ballet movement.

Yoga: You can also perform yoga while traveling or in the hotel room. If you have yoga mat, it is enough to perform yoga. Wear loose clothing while performing yoga.

Following these simple exercises will help you maintain total body fitness even when you are traveling.