How To Walk Your Way To Fitness?

Walking can be divided into two categories; walking to keep fit or walking for more vigorous exercise.

For those people who are not very fit to start off with, or are overweight, walking should be used as a means of keeping fit.

Regular steady walking will improve heart conditions, lung conditions and reduce the level of LDL cholesterol in the body as well as lowering blood pressure.

The level of physical strain can vary as well as the speed and terrain, according to the person’s needs and capacity. Those who are less used to exercising in general, may start by less intensive walks, which can evolve into a swift walk, stimulating the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

The longer the walk the more calories will be burnt and the more the cardiovascular system will be stimulated.

For more vigorous exercising, walking must start off slowly to warm up the muscles and avoid strain. Stretching may also help once the muscles have warmed up (warm up exercises)and you are ready for a more intense walking session.

The walking exercise can then progress into a quicker pace, with a change of terrain and can last for a longer period.

Ideally this kind of walking exercise should be carried out at least twice a week for at least twenty minutes and should increase in intensity and duration.

Before you set out for your walking exercise consider that you will need a good pair of walking shoes, ideally trainers and a waterproof jacket when walking for long distances.

Also think about taking water along with you, or if you are planning to go for a very long walk, prepare some nourishment in order to replenish the body.