Human Growth Hormone Helping Fitness

HGH or humane growth hormone is naturally produced by the body in sufficient quantities till the age of 21. The production starts to drop after this and by the time a person is 80, the production of HGH falls down by 80-90%.

This is the master hormone that is responsible for the growth of the human body. It helps build muscles, bones, organs and the basic link between the cells.

Growth HormoneLow levels of HGH could mean decreased muscles, gained fat, reduced sex drive, increased cardiovascular risks and a lower life expectancy.

On observation of its effects on muscles and fats, researchers have been able to confirm that lower levels of HGH could be a major hurdle for fat or obese person to lose those extra kilos.

Studies have shown that HGH in low doses helped obese women to lose weight faster and also to keep it away longer.

HGH increases the metabolism of the body, thus increasing the capacity of the body to burn more fat. This leads to loss in the fat content of the body but helps to retain the muscle content.

Thus a person loses weight but not their body muscle. It also helps to increase the levels of HDL the good cholesterol, thus reducing cardiovascular risks too.

HGH has been used by body builders for quite some time now, and is becoming popular among athletes too. It helps them to enhance their performance without having to resort to using illegal steroids.

HGH can be taken in very low volumes and can be administered by the physician, thus providing it the cloak of privacy. It helps to increase the muscle mass that helps them to perform better during and after a prolonged treatment with HGH.

This is not to say that the use of HGH is advisable for everyone. It is very essential that HGH treatments be undertaken only after consulting a doctor and only under their observation.