Hypermobile Or Double Jointed? Go Easy On The Exercise

Take your thumb and stretch it back to try and touch your wrist. If you are able to accomplish this easily and painlessly, then you are probably hyper-mobile or double jointed.

hypermobile or double jointedHyper mobility or double jointedness is actually nothing but higher levels of elasticity among the muscles, ligaments and tendons that surround a given joint.

It is only natural that hyper mobile people who enjoy greater mobility and flexibility enjoy activities such as yoga, dance, etc, since they are probably good at this.

However, this same quality of hyper mobility that facilitates certain stretches, holds and positions, could possibly result in injury. This is because a person who is double jointed, may likely take their joints to the end of their range and possibly even beyond that point, making it likelier to result in injury.

People with hypermobility also tend to have a problem of proprioception – this means that one cannot tell where one’s joints or limbs are in connection to one another, once they move out of sight.

These factors could cause a range of injuries, ranging from prolapsed discs, sprains, and dislocations to joint pain, tendonitis and bursitis. So it is advisable for those who are hypermobile to consult a therapist to see what are the best kinds of exercises for them.