Ideas For Creating Fitness Areas Around the Home

We all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy but we don’t always have the set up and equipment that makes it easy for us to do so. Also, when you have kids it’s better if you can find something that you can all do together at home rather than spending a small fortune going out doing activities.

We have come up with some home improvements or additions that are relatively easy to install that will help your family stay fit and healthy at the same time.

Ideas For Creating Fitness Areas Around the Home

Artificial grass area –If your kids love football then your grass will probably have been taking a hammering. Having a fake lawn installed will ensure that your outdoor area still looks nice even when it is hosting mini football matches on a daily basis. The outdoor football nets are also a good investment even in smaller spaces and will hopefully save damage to fences etc. A fake lawn is also a good area for doing circuit style activities and you can be creative if you only have limited space.

Transform your garage into a gym – If the weather puts you off going outdoors for a bit of exercise then why not bring the exercise to your home? If you have a garage or spare room that you don’t get much use out of then why not clear it out and set up some gym equipment in there? Whether you have a small or large budget, there are all kinds of equipment that you can pick up to set up your very own gym. When you compare the cost against the membership for the whole family at a gym over the year, it will be money well spent.

Basketball hoops – If you are short on space but want to encourage the kids to spend time outdoors and master a sport then installing a basketball hoop to the wall is one of the more simple ways. To make it more fun, you can do timed challenges to see how many you can score over a set period, just like the arcade games that you would usually have to spend a fortune on!

Ideas For Creating Fitness Areas Around the Home


Disco night – Fancy having a bit of fun whilst you do your exercise? How about a home disco? Buy some cheap disco lights to plug in and set up the ultimate disco playlist so that all of the family can work up a sweat by dancing away in your front room. The neighbours might think you have gone crazy but aerobic dance can burn over 400 calories per hour.

Indoor cyclingIndoor Cycling is a great workout and if you have an indoor bike then you can even keep yourself entertained by watching TV to help keep you motivated to carry on doing it. If you sit on the bike (and pedal of course) for 30 mins each day whilst you watch your favourite soap or a football match for example, the time will soon fly by. You can pick up a cheap exercise bike from most sports stores or you can even buy a stand for your outdoor bike that transforms it into an indoor exercise bike!

Punching bag – Boxing is another great way of staying fit and can really burn calories and help you to tone your arms and your core. There is a whole range of other benefits such as improving self defence skills and helping you to release stress. A punching bag is pretty easy to set up, you just need somewhere sturdy to hang it from. Get your gloves on and punch your way to fitness!