Increasing Metabolism Can Make Fitness Your Friend

You might know some people who eat a lot and in spite of that they don’t gain weight. You might also know some who take care of their diet, calculate the calories and but still can’t lose weight.

This is because the rate of your increasing metabolism depends on the link between the number of calories that you consume and the number of calories that you burn while you eat and exercise and also the number of calories that you burn based on the genetic makeup.

Increasing MetabolismWhile the first category can be considered lucky, the second might simply be seen as doomed to fight weight throughout lifetime.

In spite of this common knowledge, metabolism has nothing to do with faith and there are proven methods that are able to speed it.

Metabolism is the process of breaking the proteins, fats and carbohydrates down in order to offer the body the energy that it needs. So how could you have an increased metabolism?

The truth is that you don’t have much to do about your genes. Still, you should be aware that they are accountable for only about 5% of the calories burned daily.

This means that for increasing metabolism you will need to boost the body’s need for energy.

The body has the ability to burn calories from fats, carbs and protein. Naturally we would all like to burn fat, but the body hasn’t been programmed to be wasteful. It burns the fat only when it has to.

A good way of achieving an increased metabolism is to do some exercise, because they are known to make the body burn fat. Naturally this isn’t easy especially if you have to work at a desk all day.

The body needs energy at other times as well, such as the first hour or two after interval training or weight lifting. This is known as the ‘afterburn’ effect and it could last up to 24 hours. Also in case you train with weights heavier than usual you will need energy in order to repair the small muscle tears.

It is scientifically proven that if you increase your muscle mass, you will increase your metabolism. In case you have an extra pound of muscles, the body has to burn 50 extra calories just to make everything will work as they should, and you won’t have to do a thing for it.

Another solution for increasing metabolism is to consume those kinds of foods that need more energy to digest and metabolize, like protein. For example it takes twice as much energy to digest those kinds of foods that are high in proteins than those that are high in carbs.

You might have heard that after a certain age the metabolism slows down, but the news isn’t all bad. After the age of 25 the metabolism of people declines about 5%-10% every decade, and according to this age trend an average person could lose about 20%-40% of his metabolism over a life span.

If you would like to increase metabolism, you should build some brawn. If you put on some muscle, you will be able to maintain and even increase your metabolism without doing anything special. Keeping an active lifestyle has a lot to do with increasing metabolism so make sure you fit a daily workout and a positive state of mind in your daily agenda.