Is Fitness With House Hold Items Really Works?

Who says staying fit and attaining great physique is possible only by joining a gym! It is absolutely incorrect.

Fitness can be achieved even right from your home through household items.

So, why spend a good amount of money on fitness equipments when you have several house hold items around you in your home that gives a feeling of doing workout at the gym.

Here are few household things to start a fitness program and increase fitness levels without any need to pay high charges for gym membership:moving lawn mower

Stair climbing: Climbing stairs up and down is a form of cardiovascular workout to burn calories and keep heart and lungs in good condition.

Stair climbing (up and down) for a minimum of thirty minutes three times a week can help tone your thighs, buttocks, and legs. It is a great encouragement to any fitness regimen.

For beginners, it is good to start a session with very less time and slowly make your session with a smaller time increments.

If you are feeling sick and tired of climbing stairs up and down, a good idea is to listen to your favorite music that motivates (exercise motivation) you in stair climbing. Alternatively, keep targets in climbing your stairs by splitting the workout.

Lifting objects: It is one of the strength-training exercises to build up muscle tone in arms and shoulders. So, select an object that has reasonable weight such as soup can or books.

Although the weight of a soup can isn’t that heavy, it can serve as a fitness weight. This is because lifting the soup can focuses on the muscle of your arms and shoulders and thereby tones these muscles. As a beginner, start lifting light weights and gradually increase the weight as much as possible for you.

Vacuuming: It is the best way to burn calories. On the other hand, adding a slight bounce to your movement while vacuuming helps you burn calories even more.

According to the researches, one can burn about 238 to 260 calories by simply vacuuming the home for one hour. So, get your body back to balance with regular vacuuming.

Moving lawn mower: It is also a great method to burn calories and to enhance fitness levels. Moving a lawn mower puts a little resistance while pushing through the grass.

Walking is a great way to stay fit and healthy and adding a little resistance to it through lawn mower will definitely help lose more and more calories.

Moving a lawn mower for one hour burns about 369 calories. Thus, it’s a great exercise and really helps in keeping the heart in a good condition.

Floor mopping: Mopping the floor is also a great way to lose calories. This helps burn about 206 calories per hour and adding some slither and dip into the mopping movement can help you bring the calories burn rate to about 400-450 calories.

Remember that with any of fitness workout, if you feel tired or ill then right away stop it and consult your doctor. It is a good idea to consult a doctor before starting any fitness workout.