Is It Vital to Move on for Fitness Program when You Are Turning Seventy?

At this age you should understand two different health tracks to aging. You will be slow, flabby, forgetful and achy on the traditional track if you don’t follow a fitness program.

You would have enough brain power to know that you are forgetting unless Alzheimer’s has taken your mind completely. You will be frightened and worried about the next few years, worried about the accidents and worried about your life.

fitness programSeniors fall largely because of the increasingly bended posture associated with aging and weakening muscles.

Without a fitness program, fall can take place with high blood pressure, cognitive problems and impaired vision. Flexibility is lost in shoulders and hips resulting in a tipped-forward posture.

Alternatively, you will be lean, happy and active if you follow a proper fitness program. Your mind will be sharp due to good nutrition, health and intellectual activities. You have a circle of friends to enjoy and to have fun together.

You enjoy freedom and independence that comes from maturity and retirement. You will be still young to use the knowledge wisely.

You have to leave the traditional track no matter how old you are. If you follow exercise program and good eating habits, you can combat with the weak, frail, old age. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you want to be young, you should change both your mind and your body.

Fitness program is important because it is an effective way to bring down glucose levels, cut the risk of heart diseases, and improve your overall health.

Regular exercise improves your level of fitness and the way you look and feel . Fitness program can be boring if you stick the same exercise regularly. You can make your own exercise routine which can be enjoyable.

You can have a walk with your friends. You can play cricket. You can have trip to the park. Make it easier so that you can do more with less effort.

Besides getting in shape, improve your curiosity. It is the best way to keep yourself young. If you have higher level of education, it can lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Just as your muscles fade away if you don’t use them, your brain also fades out if you don’t use it.

Before beginning fitness program, consult your doctor. Get a physical exam to see where you are and where you have to reach. Check whether there are any exercises you have to do and the exercises which you should not do.

From long time if you have not exercised, consult a physical therapist and discuss about the fitness program you have to follow.