Kinect for Xbox 360 – A video game you have to get off the couch to play

These days, video game creators are trying hard to improve the bad rep that video games have earned themselves; for promoting obesity and obsessive behaviors among children and adults alike.

In the event we keep hearing about a number of innovations in the video game segment that designed to exercise not just your eyes and fingers but also the rest of the body.

The Kinect, the newest version of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming system was unveiled yesterday, and this one needs you to use your whole body to play it. So how does it work and how will it make you work to play?

According to descriptions of the new game, players have to score soccer goals with their heads. If they are racing carts, they will have to do so by using their entire body around turns and over jumps.

This is hardly a new idea, with WiiFit, and others having made forays into video games for fitness earlier as well. And neither are we going to see people turning into athletes because they started using these rather than other video games.

However you could say that this is something of a start to get kids and adults off the couch and do something marginally active!