Look Good and Feel good to Get into Shape

The holidays are past and the New Year resolutions are upon you; probably a lot of them had to do with fitness goals, getting into shape and so on. If however you are finding it difficult to make the start and the motivation is elusive consider getting some smart workout wear to help get you in the zone to start working out.

workout wearSome stylish active wear may be just the thing to get you feeling good and into the mood to start working out.

The trick is to find something that is “technical, comfortable and makes you feel great,” according to yoga lead designer Antonia Iamartino.

It is a good idea to jazz up a wardrobe with some new patterns and colors that can be quite an inspiration in themselves.

Bright patterned or solid tops with basic long pants may be all that you need – pick from brighter options such as lime, fuchsia, coral, turquoise and cobalt and other muted shades such as lilac mauve, and pale pink. Geometric patterns may also appeal, so consider these in a variety of bright hues.

Also one shouldn’t make the mistake of buying something that is too tight in the hope that it will fit someday; you will not want to wear it, and that rather defeats the purpose.