Low Carb Diet Plan for Women

If you are looking for a low carb diet plan for women, most probably you know that carbohydrate represents the fuel for your body, and if there are no carbohydrates, the body will have to burn fat in order to have energy.

Women are supposed to have 25g of carbs a day and if they have only 20, they will lose weight.



The main ingredient of your breakfast is supposed to be the egg. An egg has only 0.6 g of carbs. In the same time a pat of butter doesn’t have any. This means that if you fry 2 eggs in butter, you will only have 1.2 g of carbs. Low fat milk comes with 1.4 g of carbs so you can have scrambled eggs for only 2.6 g of carbs.

Other Foods

Naturally you don’t have to have only eggs and butter for the low carb meal plan for women. Cheese has very few carbs as well, about 1 g per ounce.

This means that you could have a cheese omelet with some mushrooms and a bit of ham for about 3.5-4 g per meal.


When it comes to the low carb diet plan for women, consider vegetables. Low carb vegetables include celery, cucumbers, chicory, escarole, endive, radishes and romaine or iceberg lettuce. If you have about ½ c. of salad, for sure you won’t consume more than 5 g of carbs.


To follow a women’s low carb nutrition plan, consider having for dinner poultry, seafood, fish or lean meats that have almost no carbs. Low carb vegetables are also a good option, such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, and zucchini. You shouldn’t have any corn or peas.


The women looking for low carb diet plan for women should know that if they follow this plan, they will have 16 g of carbs from food so there are 4 g left for snacks. It is best to opt for the healthy alternatives, like olives, raw vegetables or string cheese. The bad news is that the majority of fruits will push you over the 20 g limit.


The low carb diet plan for women should also include the beverages. A glass of white wine comes with only 0.8 g or carbs. Diet soft drinks, water, tea and coffee, can keep you within your limits.