Lunch Hour Can Become Your Fitness Escape

In case you don’t have time to hit the gym, don’t worry: there is a solution for your problem – you can do something about it in the lunch break.

You can go to the gym, in case your office is located nearby. Consider yourself lucky, if your office has a fitness center. If you have a lunch break of 60 minutes, all you need is to spend 30 of them in an effective workout.

Office ExercisesThere is a misconception that you need to spend hours in the gym to complete your workout. This isn’t exactly true.

A program divided by muscle groups will allow you to train with weights for 20-25 minutes, which is also an effective workout.

If the gym is too far, you can still make an effective workout with brisk walking, jogging or running on the stairs.

For example, run up and down the stairs for 5 minutes then do little squats, crunches, pushups and jumps (it all depends of what kind of conditions you have). Repeat it three times for a total of 20-30 minutes.

Remember that if you use your lunch hour for exercise, you need to also eat healthy food which you should carry from home.

Having a healthy lunch is also part of a fitness regime, so avoid consuming junk foods, while working. You can exercise in your office, but it is necessary to find people who will join you in a good workout.

You can arrange a fitness coach to organize a small group in the conference room or in another free space. This way your colleagues will be able to join you for a short workout.

Of course, don’t forget that a workout in the office should be approved by your employer, not to mention that you should have a small bathroom for a fast shower after the exercises.