Making Room For Exercise In Your Schedule

Many of us do a good job of setting goals at work, but when it comes to our private lives, we have a hard time applying these same principles.

If you had an important meeting with your supervisor, you would find a place for it in your schedule, right? So why can’t you find time to exercise?

The problem can be two-fold. For some of us the problem is that we are not fully committed to exercising and becoming more fit. If deep down you do not want to exercise, then no amount of planning or goal setting will help you start exercising.

This kind of issue calls for serious self-reflection, and perhaps works with a counselor who can help you discover why you are having issues becoming more fit and room

The other problem is that we allow our fitness plans to be somewhat amorphous rather than setting the kind of goals we would for an important project at work.

Just saying, “I’m going to exercise this week,” is not enough. Make your plans as specific as possible.

Pick the type of exercise, the date and time, and the duration. Say instead, “On Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week, I will attend the 5:00 p.m. Pilates exercise class at the gym.” Then actually enter your appointment with yourself on your calendar. The more specific you make your fitness goals; the more likely you are to reach them.