Making Your Fitness Fit In With Your Real Life

Everyone is uniquely different and nowhere is this fact important than the area of exercise.

Only you know your body and how far to push its limits.

Exercise regimes should never be based on what others are doing as their strengths will be very different from your own.

Setting out a clear plan of what you want to achieve will help you reach your target goals which should be attainable and take into consideration your lifestyle. Focus is required to stick with your daily routine so try to exercise in ways that you enjoy to avoid becoming fit

Recognize if your plan is not working and make appropriate changes, a morning jog may be better fitted in after work and extra exercise at the weekend might work better than seven days of every week. It may be easier than you think to fit a half hour walk into your lunch break.

Allow yourself down time, if your life becomes a cycle of work and exercise, you will soon get frustrated and your body will suffer too.

Drink plenty of water and ensure you eat sensibly, small regular meals are better for the body than skipping meals and subsequent snacking. Allow yourself a treat occasionally so you don’t start craving an old favorite.

After about a week you will begin to appreciate what your routine can do for you, as your whole body acclimatizes everything will be easier, including the actual exercise itself. Concentrating on exercise is a good distraction from life’s everyday worries and really is good for the soul too.