Mall Walking Is Growing In Popularity In UK And US

Mall walking is the new fitness trend organised by certain shopping centres as a health fitness programme.

Although the shopping centres who organise these fitness plans are still few, both in the United Kingdom and the U.S. the number is increasing constantly, so much so that in the U.S. a ‘Mall Walkers’ Association’ has been created.

Mall walking fitness fans consider this to be the best way to exercise, shop and meet people.

This programme is multifaceted, it improves overall physical and mental health, for it is both an occasion to exercise improving skin, blood pressure and bone condition as well as the perfect way to socialize and meet people.

In the U.K. the Trafford Centre in Manchester has organised a group where members have a pre-established 3-mile circuit to follow, offering 45 minutes of workout exercise, which ends up in the mall.

This group of 18 women and men, who span all ages, declare that it is the best way to work out, offering an easy, economical and amusing alternative to the usual gym exercise programmes.

In addition, the group of mall walkers is treated to refreshing drinks once they reach the shopping centre to unwind and recover for their shopping spree.

The director of the mall is also very enthusiastic, declaring that it is not the financial side he is happy about, he finds that it is great for the community social activities and sharing.