Man Fitness Strategies

When you have specific man fitness plan, you can get results quickly and can stay in great shape.

Man fitness comes from fitness program which includes resistance training, cardiovascular training, good nutrition and supplements.

Along with fitness program, man fitness includes warm up and stretching exercises, cooling down, proper lifting and safety measures.

Warm up: Before starting any fitness program, proper warm up is necessary. Warm up your body before starting the exercise program and cool down after performing the workout. If you warm up your muscles and joints properly, it will prevent fitness

If you warm up your muscles, your muscles become flexible and improve blood circulation. Due to the flexibility of the muscles, you can exercise without any injuries.

Warm up with cardiovascular exercise. Don’t do it for thirty minutes. Warm up requires only five to ten minutes. You can warm up with walking or cycling if you are at home. If you are working out at gym, warm up on stationary bicycle for five to ten minutes.

Stretch: Stretch your muscles before starting any weight training exercise program. Use light weights in the beginning on each muscle group. If you are doing flat dumbbell press for chest exercise, do a warm up set of light weight. Forty percent of the actual weight will be used for the exercise and take rest for a minute.

Man fitness can be attained by selecting proper exercises. In weight lifting exercises, start working with large muscle group and then perform with small muscle groups.

Speed: The main factor in man fitness is the speed with which you are lifting. If you are lifting the weights in speed, it will not encourage blood flow to the muscle you are using. Lifting slowly will force your muscles to do the work.

Too much weight: Don’t use too much weight thinking that it will get results quickly. If you are using too much weight, it decreases your ability and also increases the risk of injury.

You should not use poor fitness form such as using your hips for momentum and over extending your back to initiate the bicep curls, bending backwards when working on shoulder press and training with fast speed.

Full range of motion: Full range of motion is useful for stretching the muscles that are opposite to the ones actually doing the work. If you are working with full range of motion for all muscles, it will improve your joint flexibility and muscle strength.

For man fitness results, you must perform each and every exercise with full range of motion. Full range exercise movements help in developing and strengthening all your muscles.

It takes lot of motivation to follow man fitness program. Following a well planned man fitness program builds a best body. You have to set the goal and try to be inspired by the goal.

You have to follow the man fitness program in a proper way. If you have desire to achieve man fitness, you should not get out of it. Along with fitness exercises, you have to follow proper diet. You should take vitamins and minerals to attain fitness. Include proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fat in your diet. Without following healthy diet, you cannot achieve man fitness.