What to Know About Milon Fitness Training Circuit?

This is considered to be cutting-edge technology for fitness buffs and gym rats. Some of the higher end fitness studios now offer the Milon Circuit training fitness program, which promises to offer an entire body workout in just 17.5 minutes.

Depending upon whether the requirement is enhancement of strength and endurance, weight loss, physiotherapy or other, the Milon machines designed in Germany. The circuit training concept is followed here: Between 8 and 12 workout machines are arranged in a circular arrangement with a signaling system in the center.

Milon Fitness Training CircuitThis signaling system tells the individual how long to work out on a given machine and how long to wait in between the machines and when to proceed to the next one.

Working this entire circuit which combines strength training and a cardio workout, takes just 17.5 minutes.

The claim made by the manufacturers is that this system is 30% more effective and efficient than conventional workout machines and as such needs just three sessions a week, of just 17.5 minutes, to get results.

The equipment uses smart cards and controlled resistance that depends upon electronic control rather than hydraulics.

The individual parameters of the person who is working out are automatically recorded and appropriate settings are updated accordingly to make precise automatic adjustments in the machines.

The Milon system also claims to help avoid injury as well as some of the common mistakes that people make using regular fitness equipment.

Errors such as inappropriate weights or training intensity, wrong equipment settings or resistance, and uncontrolled movement, can also be controlled and eliminated.

Since the workouts are customized to the user, any digression from the program will be pointed out. The idea behind this equipment is to make fitness safer, more effective and more comfortable.

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